<![CDATA[AP Literature - Reflective Learning Blog]]>Tue, 16 Feb 2016 19:50:18 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Week 9: Robots becoming Humans]]>Fri, 06 Nov 2015 16:19:44 GMThttp://jordancreggeraplitblog.weebly.com/reflective-learning-blog/week-9-robots-becoming-humansThis week we did a lot of work inside of our groups to forward our learning on our great themes of science fiction. We watched the several twilight zone episodes. We came across the question of if a human soul is a pretty of a robot is it human or a robot. We also looked at how easily it is to come attached to a robot and think it not a robot anymore after awhile if it looks, act, and feels just like a human being would. You can sympathize for a robot when they themselves are made to feel emotions and cry, feel just like humans do.
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We read short stories to move forward our investigation on what is science fiction. We been looking at life on other planets. Some of the things we have been looking at is alien D.N.A. coding and deciding whether it compatible with humans. We also looked at a multiple sun planet. We look at life forms who live their whole lives with invisible and able to mimic voices. We have seen way different life forms of aliens are similar to humans and different. I think one of the big ideas is deciding how closely relate alien life forms would be to humans. Would they have same basic essentials as human are require more or less? Would they need oxygen, water and food? Could they possible be able to live off the sun solar energy? Are they threatening or peaceful?

<![CDATA[Week 3: Distortion of Reality]]>Fri, 25 Sep 2015 15:21:56 GMThttp://jordancreggeraplitblog.weebly.com/reflective-learning-blog/week-3-distortion-of-realityThis week in science fiction class we watched a lot of movies and episodes. We were trying to learn more from them to answer the question how we can define science fiction. We notice a extremely common thing at the end of each of these were that the ending had a plot twist. Almost always a science fiction story ends with a plot twist. All them also had distortion to reality, most of them had advanced technology but one in particular had it just change one given about today society and flipped it to make the opposite true. My definition of science is start to included that you have to change something that given in reality and change it. Science Fiction makes what we know about the world that fact and alter it. This can make the world to react in many different ways. It can change alot of different things with just one minor change. They can change the technology humans have or writers can change how society is run and change social norms.
<![CDATA[Week 2: Learning Aliens and Robots]]>Fri, 18 Sep 2015 15:19:20 GMThttp://jordancreggeraplitblog.weebly.com/reflective-learning-blog/week-2Picture
This week we started out with our first twilight zone episode video. It was called the first invaders. It was so we could look at the 3 plus 1 elements of science fiction. We learned and get famaliar with the elements of science fiction. Inside the Invaders it show a perfect example of   the 4 element of science fiction. Ambigious ending because right at the end the unexpected happen and it didn't elaborate on what end up with the aliens and humans. We watched a Ted talk which explained to us that in order to get advanced technology we need to learn to invested in science which requires money which requires a balanced economy.

<![CDATA[Week 1: New Beginnings]]>Fri, 11 Sep 2015 15:47:38 GMThttp://jordancreggeraplitblog.weebly.com/reflective-learning-blog/week-1Picture
This week we were introduce to the class. I will be taking advanced science fiction. Each individual in the class was introduced to by the teacher shaking our hand and saying Hello I'm Andy I will be your teacher. This will be my third time with this teacher. He is a wonderful teacher. We were first heard Mr.Schoenborn teaching methods and his reasoning behind what he does. He spoke of his ideas that there are better ways to shows what we learn other then through numbers from test and quizzes. He believes that almost every assignment should be able to redone instead of just moving on going to the next task to do. This is because every assignment is testing new skills. So you can't use your mistakes from last assignment to do better on the next. We watched a video of a college graduation speech.that gave evidence in life that talk about stuff of never giving up, sometimes you need to stand up against negative people and to respectful to everyone. The class learn and create a weebly website that we will be using for the class. This classroom feels like it will be a creative and interesting class to be in. I am ready to explore and invent in this class as much as possible.